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The relationship between an Attorney and a Client undoubtedly bases on mutual trust. In the resolutions of disputes, counseling service requires acting in the consciousness of analyses with broad visions and prudential and quick solutions. In fact, the best approach in the area of law goes by taking required precautions, which prevent possible problems before they arise, before disputes arise. While giving Legal, Consultancy and Counseling services to its retail and corporate clients, our law office set to work by referencing the rules of “preventive law”. It gives the service of representation for all rights and benefits, and makes effort for culture of “conciliation” to be settled in the solutions of legal disputes.


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Our office carries out its businesses as Bursa-centric in all around Turkey and in many other countries as of 2005 with a homogeneous team constituted of not only highly motivated, ambitious, energetic and enthusiastic young attorneys but also the attorneys and counsels who are experienced and specialist on their field.



Att. Güven İŞLER
E-mail He continued his primary, secondary and a part of high school in Bitlis and finished his high school in Bursa. He started his university life in 1997 at Ankara University. After receiving education at Vienna Faculty of Law for a time in the year 2000, he completed his education at Faculty of Law of Near East University.

Att. Ali ÖZCAN
E-Mail. After completing a part of his primary school education in Muş, he moved to Bursa. Having graduated from Bursa Boys’ high-school in 2000, he started his higher education at Faculty of Law of Izmir Nine September University.

Att. Çağatay TÜRKER
E-MailAtt. Çağatay TÜRKER, who started his higher education at Faculty of Law of Near East University in 2000 after he had completed his primary and secondary school in Ankara, successfully completed the university in 2004.


Att. Derya AYSEL
E-MailHaving completed his primary and secondary school, she graduated from Bursa Boys’ High School in 2006 and she started her higher education at Faculty of Law of Gazi University in the same year.