Prof. Dr. Hakan ÜZELTÜRK

Undergraduate Study;

✓ Marmara University Faculty of Law

Post Graduate Study;

✓ Marmara University Public Law

PHD Study;

✓ United Kingdom – “International Tax Law” at Edinburgh University Law School in Scotland

Academic Career;

✓ In 1986, he started as an assistant at Chair of the Tax Law in Marmara University Faculty of Law.

✓ He became Assistant Professor in 1999, Associate Professor in 2003, and Professor in 2009. He still continues his lectures at Yeditepe and Galatasaray University Faculty of Law.

✓ He was the director of the Galatasaray University Selim Kaneti-Adnan Tezel Tax Law Center, which he founded, between 2005-2014.

✓ He is a member of the 9th and 10th Development Plan Tax Working Group. In addition to being a member of the TUSIAD Tax Committee, which started in 2008, he also served as a member of the Tax Council and Executive Board between 2003-2009. He also participated in tax working groups of organizations such as TOBB and ISMMMO at various times.

✓ He is the founder and editor of Legal Mali Hukuk Dergisi (Legal Financial Law Magazine), which has been published monthly since 2005, and is the editor of Legal Banka ve Finans Hukuku Dergisi (Legal Banking and Finance Law Magazine).

✓He was a columnist in Dunya Gazetesi (Dunya Newspaper) with the title “Tax and Law” and made a weekly program under the name of “Financial World” in the 6 News channels

✓ He was a Founding Member of VEHUP – Vergi Hukuku Platformu (Tax Law Platform), a Member of the Executive Board, and a Member of the Science and Advisory Board.

✓ He is the Founder and President of the Istanbul Vergi Merkezi (Istanbul Tax Center).

✓ 1992 TUSIAD Science Award winner. He is a member of IFA, IIPF and EATLP, EATLP Academic Committee and International Bar Association Taxes Committee.

✓ In addition to 20 books, book chapters and international papers, he has more than 100 articles and more than 250 newspaper articles. He still continues his studies in national and international fiscal law, tax law and related fields.