Güven & Partners law firm, founded in 2005 in Bursa, is a solution-oriented law firm that brings together expertise and experience.

Güven & Partners law firm, headquartered in the province of Bursa; has been working in cooperation for many years with Frowein & Partner Law Firm with headquarters in Germany.

Güven & Partners law firm is divided into of several departments with different areas of expertise in order to find the fastest and best solution and offers a wide range of legal services.

In addition to providing solutions to our clients’ existing problems, we provide legal counseling services with the aim of preventing problems before they arise.

We have a strong client network and we are proud to work with leading companies in their sectors.

Güven & Partners  law firm is dedicated to the departments specialized in their service fields and we cooperate with Turkey’s leading academics and work with lawyers experts in their fields.


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